Inline SVG + HTML tag broken paths

I’m working with SVG lately, in particular with music notation. In particular, I have an SVG image loaded inline the html page directly in the code (without using an <img> tag). Until yesterday (15 Mar 2016), the SVG displayed fine in Chrome (version 48): Starting from the day after, here’s what I started to see: […]

Responsive CSS sprites

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what is a sprite. In web development, this technique allows to limit the number of requests to the server by downloading a single image composed by a number of smaller images. To be clear in this article, the sprite will refer to the larger image containing the […]

Getting HTTPS on Amazon CDN (without paying for custom domain SSL)

Recently I had to deal with the following problem: supporting HTTPS on a web page stored on Amazon S3, delivered with CloudFront. Why is this so complex? Let’s make a step back: SSL certificates basics, from a handshaking point of view. I won’t talk about data encryption here.   What Happens When a Browser Encounters […]

ng-if/ng-switch breaks ng-model? No, it’s just a matter of understanding scopes

Lately I’ve been working on an AngularJS project, and I incurred on something that at first I considered a bug. Here’s some example code: <script src=”//”></script> <script>// <![CDATA[ function MyCtrl ($scope){ $scope.showMySelect = true; $scope.opts = [1,2,3]; $scope.mySelectValue = 2; } // ]]></script> <div><section>{{mySelectValue}} <select></select></section></div> I wanted to update $scope.mySelectValue with the selected value in […]

A summer weekend project: mobile optimizations

I spend quite a bit of time on I have a Nokia Lumia 620 and I noticed the website isn’t optimized for mobile navigation. Don’t get me wrong, it works quite well on IE mobile, but it doesn’t seem to adopt any kind of optimization such as media queries; it’s “just” a regular resized […]