Inline SVG + HTML tag broken paths

I’m working with SVG lately, in particular with music notation. In particular, I have an SVG image loaded inline the html page directly in the code (without using an <img> tag). Until yesterday (15 Mar 2016), the SVG displayed fine in Chrome (version 48): Starting from the day after, here’s what I started to see: […]

Getting HTTPS on Amazon CDN (without paying for custom domain SSL)

Recently I had to deal with the following problem: supporting HTTPS on a web page stored on Amazon S3, delivered with CloudFront. Why is this so complex? Let’s make a step back: SSL certificates basics, from a handshaking point of view. I won’t talk about data encryption here.   What Happens When a Browser Encounters […]

ng-if/ng-switch breaks ng-model? No, it’s just a matter of understanding scopes

Lately I’ve been working on an AngularJS project, and I incurred on something that at first I considered a bug. Here’s some example code: <script src=”//”></script> <script>// <![CDATA[ function MyCtrl ($scope){ $scope.showMySelect = true; $scope.opts = [1,2,3]; $scope.mySelectValue = 2; } // ]]></script> <div><section>{{mySelectValue}} <select></select></section></div> I wanted to update $scope.mySelectValue with the selected value in […]